What Hppened to the Reptiles Extra Question Answer Class 6 English

 What Happened to the Reptiles Extra Questions with Solutions English Class 6 Chapter 9 A Pact with the Sun

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Answer the questions in one sentence each :

Q.1. Where is Pambupatti situated ?


Pambupatti is situated on a cliff on the edge of the jungle.

Q.2. Why did the narrator run away from his own village ?


The narrator ran away from his village because mad people burnt down his house.

Q.3. What did the narrator carry with him ?


The narrator carried with him a few clothes, a little money and a statue of Ganesh.

Q.4. How did he find the people at Pambupatti ?


He found the people kind and loving.

Q.5. Who looked after the narrator ?


An old man with white hair and white beard looked after the narrator.

Q.6. Why did the narrator think Pambupatti was a strange place ?


Because though the people prayed to different gods, they loved each other.

Q.7. Why did the old man say, "But that's exactly why you must go back ?"


The old man wanted Prem to tell the people to love one another.

Q.8. How did children live long-long ago ?


children lived in caves with their parents and collected fruits from the rest.

Q.9. Who lived in the forest at Pambupatti ?


Only the reptiles lived in the forest of Pambupatti.

Q.10. Who was the leader of the reptiles ?


A huge crocodile, Makara was the leader of the reptiles.

Q.11. What type of leader was Makara ?


Makara was strong, powerful and haughty.

Q.12. Why did Makara order the crocodiles, snakes and lizards to leave the forest ?


Makara wanted to have the whole forest for the crocodiles.

Q.13. Were the crocodiles happy after the other reptiles had left ?


No, their life became more and more miserable.

Q.14. How did they become happy and normal again ?


They became happy and normal after the tortoises, lizards and snakes returned to the forest.

Q.15. What does the old man's story teach ?


The story tells us that all of us are interdependent.

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