A Pact with the Sun Extra Question Answer Class 6 English

 A Pact with the Sun Extra Questions with Solutions English Class 6 Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun

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Answer the following questions briefly:

Q.1. What was Saeeda's mother suffering from ?


Saeeda's mother was suffering from fever, cough, body aches, painful joints and several other ailments.

Q.2. What was she forbidden ?


She was forbidden fresh air and sunlight. She was not allowed normal nourishing food.

Q.3. What did the specialist tell her to eat ?


The specialist told her to eat normal food such as chapatis, vegetables, fruits and milk.

Q.4. Why there was a debate on what the doctor said ?


Some people believed that fresh air and sunlight are harmful to a patient. But there were others who agreed with the doctor. So there was a debate.

Q.5. What did Saeeda's mother decide to do ?


Saeeda's mother decided to follow the advice of the specialist.

Q.6. Who made a pact with the sun ? why ?


Saeeda made a pact with the sun to bring warmth and light to her mother that could help her mother to get well.

Q.7. What restored Saeeda's mother to good health again ?


Fresh air, sunshine, normal food, vegetables and fruits restored Saee

The Monkey and the Crocodile Summary Chapter 6 Class 6

Summary | The Monkey and the Crocodile | Chapter 6 | English | A Pact With The Sun


A monkey used to live in a tree on the bank of a river. The tree was laden with fruit. The monkey ate the fruit of his choice to his fill. Being lonely, he needed a companion. One day, he saw a crocodile on the river - bank. The crocodile had come there in search of food for himself and his wife. The monkey offered him some fruit. The crocodile ate the tasty fruit and thanked the monkey.

The crocodile and the monkey became friends. The crocodile visited the monkey regularly. He ate the fruits and took some fruits home for his wife. They had long talks. One day, the crocodile stayed there longer than usual. It annoyed his wife. He told her about his kind friend who sent fruits for her everyday. She expressed her desire to eat the monkey's heart. She also asked the crocodile to bring the monkey to her. The crocodile said, "It is a sin to betray a friend. I will never bring him here."

The crocodile's wife got furious. He had no choice. He decided to invite the monkey home to please his wife. He visited the monkey again. He told the monkey that his wife wanted him over a meal. The monkey accepted his invitation and rode the crocodile's back. They reached the middle of the river. The crocodile told him the truth. He said that his wife wanted to eat his heart.

The monkey cursed the stupid crocodile for not telling him about it before they started. He told the crocodile to take him back to the river bank. He would bring his heart soon from the tree. The crocodile swam back to the bank with the monkey. The monkey jumped on to the tree. He threw down some fruits for the crocodile's wife and said, "She should eat fruit rather than my heart." He broke his friendship with the crocodile. The crocodile repented and shed a few real tears.

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